In the articles created here, I promise to stay honest and authentic and to get vulnerable.
Because as Bren
é Brown tells us, “There is no courage without vulnerability.”
I look forward to guiding and collaborating with you. 

Reasons to Rebrand

Let’s talk about rebranding. This blog is part one of a series of three posts that will help make sense of rebranding for you. While …

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Branding First

What Comes First, The Business or The Brand? Did you know that all successful businesses have one thing in common? It’s a strong brand. It’s …

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Brand Style

Your brand style should be something you are head over heels for. That’s because your brand design should reflect you, or at least the business …

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The brand clarity and design project I just finished was so relaxing, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time. While there is a timeline, …

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Reflecting is defined as thinking deeply or carefully about something. How reflective are you? How often do you find yourself reflecting? Are you one of …

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“Comparison is the most readily available self-destruct button we have today.” Kristen Boss, Pivot to Purpose Comparison does no one any good, and it can …

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Lessons Can Be A Gift

Lessons Learned

Over the years, I’ve learned many lessons about dealing with clients and running my business. However, it was one single client who taught me some …

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You Are Enough

You are enough!

I recently read an article by one of my clients who coaches women around grief, mindfulness, and courage. The article was about how, at the …

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Limiting Beliefs: How they affect your business.

Limiting Beliefs

I mentioned limiting beliefs in my first article, where I set my intention for this blog space. You can read that here. When discussing limiting beliefs, …

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Introducing Sue Forrest's Blog


Hello! I am thrilled that you’re here.   Quite honestly, the last thing I ever saw myself doing was blogging. Seriously, how could I possibly …

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