Brand Clarity


Brand Clarity is a Process

It’s a process that we must work through as we desire to create and form a business. It puts everything we ultimately want for our business in an organized format where each part of the process informs the next.


When the process is completed and viewed as a whole, it will establish the creative brief and direction for the design of the business’s visual identity.


For any brand design to work commercially, its creation will come from the knowledge gained during this critical and foundational clarity process.

How the Clarity Process Flows  

We start with your why. Why are you doing this work? What is your main focus, and why are you passionate about sharing this product or service? What difference do you make, and why would anyone care?

Your why is more than a desire to make money; it’s heartfelt, sincere, and possibly a calling.


The Brand Story

Your why extends to your Story – Is there a story from your past that brings you here? What has transpired for you that fills you with a vision for the future? What do you value so strongly and know others will get behind? What has made such an impact on your life that you know will make a difference in the lives of others?


The Problem You Solve

These deep and thought-provoking questions that pull your brand story together also help you to fine-tune and clearly state the problem you solve with your business; the product or service you offer. You become clear on how you solve this problem and for whom you offer a solution and transformation.


At this point, I suspect you feel ready to design that brand identity, but you need to clarify further.


The Other Players

Are there others offering something similar to you? Do you have some competition? There’s always competition, and it may not be direct; it could easily be indirect competition that’s less obvious. How are these other businesses showing up? What language are they using to describe and sell what they’re offering? Once you understand the playing field, you can better determine how you want to be seen. And you definitely want to be different!


Your Difference 

Being different is the key to your success. You want to establish some distinction around your brand and give potential clients/customers a reason to choose you. You have something that belongs exclusively to you; it’s your magic, your superpower, and this distinction is what will connect you to your perfect and ideal audience.


The Ideal Audience 

Now, focus on that perfect and ideal audience. Who is this amazingly perfect client, exactly? And I don’t mean a load of demographics like gender, age, and where they live. I mean… What do they value, what are they looking for, what problem or struggle do they wish to solve? Who in your life do you know is this ideal client?


It helps to identify a living, breathing individual, as creating the brand and content will be much easier when you know exactly who you’re talking to and have a picture of them in your mind.

Experience & Personality

The final step in the process is to determine how you want your clients to experience the brand and how you want the brand to be perceived. The art of branding aims to shape perceptions so your audience sees the brand in a certain way. Your brand perception is how you make your clients/customers think and feel when they interact with you. Your goal is to help shape that perception.


An effective brand personality puts a human face on the brand, making it relatable and unique in a crowd of sameness. Your brand personality is how you would describe your brand if it were a person. What is your brand’s personality?


So, this process flow has taken us from why, to the brand story, to distinction, your magic and superpower, to your ideal client, experience, perception, and personality. Only now can you look over this information and truly begin to envision the brand’s visuals by defining the essence of the brand and how the brand needs to feel.


Only now can a brand design be created that sets you apart, attracts your ideal client, engages them, and converts them into loyal buying superfans. It’s the only way to firmly root the design from your brand’s point of difference, superpower, and magic.


Working through this critical and foundational brand clarity process before identity design will make the brand design your brand, not just any brand.

What I know for sure, from many years of experience, this work is difficult as a solo venture. Having a partner to help you think through every aspect of the process is beyond helpful. I would be honored to assist you in this process. Let’s talk about your plans for the business, whether you’re just starting out or looking to rebrand; a connection and clarity call is always free and a perfect way to gain a little guidance on your next steps. Click HERE to schedule yours.

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