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Create distinction, become memorable and tap into what makes you different.
Some of my favorite brand identity designs are below. Enjoy!

Mandy Murphy Co

Behind the Design: Mandy Murphy is a Life Coach and Grief Educator. She is passionate about guiding her clients to walk through their grief, not around it, and to find new meaning and purpose after a loss. She understands how courageous you must be to slowly and gently lean into your grief, so you can discover your own power and generate a new way forward. Mandy’s passion for this work, her purpose, and her gift are what brought about the creation of Mandy Murphy Co.


The brand is calm, contemplative, and thoughtful and, as a result, should reflect the deep and courageous work achieved with Mandy and the inward-winding journey clients are inspired to take. Without a doubt, the work is hard, but clients experience an inviting warmth as if held, a feminine holding that is nurturing, loving, and honoring. Clients are seen, heard, and held while bravely and courageously doing the work to rediscover their unique calm and strength.


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“Working with Sue was such a positive experience! Her expertise and knowledge of designing a brand, along with her thoughtfulness and intuition, created such a powerful space for me to do the inner work needed in the process. She listens intently and provides professional guidance in a way that demonstrates she understands my vision and, through an amazingly collaborative effort, created an end product that I am so excited about. I feel confident in my brand attracting the clients that will benefit from my services and appreciate what I have learned from Sue regarding brand clarity and strategy!”
Mandy Murphy

Lots of Luxe

Behind the Design: Lots of Luxe is a coming together of talented women who love fashion and have a passion for working with other women, helping them create wardrobes that fit their lifestyle, taste, and budget. As Personal Stylists, they are guiding, educating, and thoughtful when working with clients. They are trusted experts in the field of building wardrobes. They’re never overly serious and always add an element of fun to their work. While the brand is luxurious, it is approachable and always inclusive.

The brand is, above all, stylish, luxe, opulent, collaborative, service-oriented, understanding, down-to-earth, helpful, and fun.


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“Sue has been by my side since 2003. In 2020, even with the pandemic, I knew it was time to give my company logo and website a brand refresh. Having worked with Sue for so long, she completely understands my business, ideal clients, and the experience I want each of them to have with my wardrobe consulting business. Sue was the first to help me understand how important it is to brand myself over the clothing companies I represent. The refreshed logo and website have elevated my brand to be on par with the quality of the clothing I sell and the work I do with each client. The relationship I have with Sue is truly a partnership. She cares about my business as much as I do and is always there to guide me in marketing my services and attracting new clients.”
Melrose Fisher
Lots of Luxe

Effortlessly Share Your Brand (and Passion) with the World

Imagine a brand identity that is instantly recognizable and communicates the right message to your ideal audience.
You have confidence in your brand; decisions feel more effortless, and as a result, you no longer
second-guess the brand or compare it to anyone else’s.
Your brand is completely congruent with who you are and the experience you offer your clients.

Empower Personalized Fitness

Behind the Design: Empower Personalized Fitness creates personalized fitness programs for busy people. The ideal client is looking for effective and efficient workouts that empower them to be stronger and healthier so they can better fulfill essential life roles. Empower Personalized Fitness has been evolving for over 15 years and, by comparison, is a leveled-up fitness center where its client’s needs, health issues, and goals always take center stage. Their specialized team of fitness & nutrition experts designs training programs unique to each client. Clients experience an atmosphere of support, motivation, inspiration, and community.

The brand is classic and timeless. It is empowering, motivating, and supportive. Always professional and seen as an industry expert. The brand is never pushy, lacking, excluding, intimidating, or cheap. Above all, there is always a sense of community, inclusiveness, and acceptance.


Visit EMPOWER’s Website.

“Ahead of redesigning our website, Sue helped us refine our brand elements. Our business was 15 years old, and we hadn’t really refreshed our brand since 2012 - it was time. Sue’s expertise in creative design is so inspiring to me. She can choose colors that convey our brand emotions and fonts that coordinate with the overall look and feel.  Anytime she and her team design something new - I get excited to open my email!”
Jessica Bottesch
EMPOWER Personalized Fitness

Featured Brand

8 Gate Consulting

Behind the Design: 8 Gates Consulting is one woman’s passion for being a guiding force for nonprofit organizations nationwide. With life-long experience in the industry, she has developed proven methodologies (strategy, process, and governance) to help secure the success and growth of these nonprofits. 8 Gates Consulting’s vision is to be the cutting-edge thought leader and consultant in the nonprofit space who impacts organizations that are changing the world. 


The brand is highly focused and knowledgeable, with a strength of conviction. It is professional, honest, straightforward, and approachable.


Visit Ziva’s Website

"As a solo practitioner, going out on my own, having Sue Forrest as my partner was a game changer. She took the time to get to know me, my business, and my business plan. She listened to my passion and preferences and helped me develop my brand and image. She was patient with me and helped keep me on track. The talent she and her team bring resulted in a beautiful brand that makes me very proud and a website that fits me and my business."
ZIva Starr Raney
8 Gates Consulting

Bev Dwane

The Brand Brief: Bev is a Certified Color Analyst & Image Stylist with over 25 years of experience in skincare, makeup, color, and style. She believes each client is uniquely and wonderfully made and wants to help her feel beautiful. Bev loves helping women discover their best colors, style & makeup – in order to bring it all together without compromising who she is today.


The Brand is stylish, sophisticated, and current. It’s friendly, warm, inviting, and generous while elevated, colorful, soft, and fresh.

Empower Partners

The Brand Brief: Through exceptional leadership, support, and clarity, EMPOWER Partners empower their clients to fulfill their dreams of owning and operating a successful wellness/fitness studio.


The brand is intelligent, logical, and ordered. It’s trustworthy, supportive, confident, forward-thinking, focused, and communicative. And, without a doubt, powerful, motivated, warm, and energetic.

"We first met with Sue because we were launching a new arm of our business, and we needed design work for fresh and new brand elements that would also stay connected and consistent with our original business. In our first meeting, Sue came to our physical space (pre-covid), listened intently to the evolution of and vision for our business, and truly got to the essence of who we were and the core values of our work. She then worked her magic - helping us choose brand colors and fonts, designing a logo, and scripting a tagline that resonated with us and our client base, and was simple and clear. Working with Sue felt like a symbiotic partnership. She was really in tune with what we wanted our brand to convey, and in conjunction with her creative design expertise, she delivered beautiful, thoughtful, and effective brand elements. I love our style guide - it makes us happy every time we see it."
Ronda Williams & Jessica Bottesch
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