So, what can I tell you? I’m a passionate business owner like you. I want my work to make a difference. 

I want to inspire you!

Online resources, DIY applications, and self-guided courses are awesome. They have helped many entrepreneurs scale their businesses. However, I believe that nothing compares to hand-in-hand guidance and one-on-one coaching.

When you’re on your own, there’s a good chance you’ll choose not to do that one thing to get ahead. You might skim over some DIY course content because it’s too hard, and you’d rather get to the next section.

Going it alone may work for some, but guidance and collaboration are the keys to the success of everything. Whether branding, clarity, growth or personal development. Having a partner to guide you, walk you through step by step, hold you accountable, and cheer you to success is what works. It has staying power!

And that is what I’m all about! I offer my clients guidance and collaboration to create a distinct and memorable brand.

I know what it was like to walk this path alone. I had many false starts.

Getting my message clear was hard, I wasn’t even sure who I was talking to, and I have to admit, I was everything but authentic. When you’re not bringing you, the best of you, to your brand, it will feel lacking; it won’t resonate with you or your clients, it will stall, and it will certainly confuse.

My nearly 20 years in business have taught me how to ask for help, find a mentor, do the one thing every day that grows the business, takes me to the next level, and ensures my success.

It would be an honor to partner with you and guide you to the success you’re looking for from your passion.

Client Testimonial

Working with Sue was such a positive experience! Her expertise and knowledge of designing a brand, along with her thoughtfulness and intuition, created such a powerful space for me to do the inner work needed in the process. She listens intently and provides professional guidance in a way that demonstrates she understands my vision, and through an amazingly collaborative effort, created an end product that I am so excited about. I feel confident in my brand attracting the clients that will benefit from my services and appreciate what I have learned from Sue regarding brand clarity and strategy!
Mandy Murphy
Mandy Murphy Co

Every woman deserves to have another woman who has her back. Here’s how we’ll work together…


We work through a deep discovery process…

to clarify your brand’s reason for being. Digging deep into your identity to uncover what kind of person you are and how that can be intertwined into your brand, so people feel a genuine connection with you.


We help you understand your audience through and through.

Defining the customers for your product or service and what they want and struggle against enables us to create a brand that speaks to them, stands out from others, and connects you to them.


We create a brand identity

that will be instantly recognizable and communicates the right message to your ideal audience turning them into loyal superfans. You gain confidence in your brand. As a result, decisions feel more effortless, and you aren’t second-guessing your brand or comparing it to everyone else’s.
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