…for women becoming who they truly want to be.

Our opportunities, interests, and priorities change as we age. At each stage of our lives, we’re not
necessarily reinventing ourselves; we’re becoming more of the woman we truly want to be.

Where are you now?

You’ve spent years discovering and honing your talent and are ready to go out on your own.
You’re planning a coaching, consulting, or service-based business where you can impact,
influence, and inspire others.  You want to make a difference.


You’ve been in business for years, developing your craft and getting to know your very best clients,

those you love working with. It’s time that your brand reflects who you’ve become.


You’re ready to turn your passion into your livelihood and need guidance.


You are unique, and your brand should be equally one-of-a-kind.


Your story. Your why.

The foundation for brilliant brand design is your story and your why.


It’s having crystal-clear insight into who you are, the magic that makes you unique, the internal problem you solve, for whom you solve that problem, and the transformation you offer.

Your vision.

Whether you’re looking to remake, refresh, or rejuvenate your current brand or you are just getting started, I help bring clarity to your work.


Together we lay the groundwork for an intentional, all-encompassing brand that goes well beyond a logo.

A brand designed to differentiate will position and elevate you

and your business for substantial impact and influence.

Here’s how we’ll work together…



Your story is your superpower.

It’s what unlocks possibility in others.

I want to know and understand who you are. I want to uncover your brand’s reason for being, to dig deep into your identity to know what kind of person you are and how that can be intertwined into your brand so people feel a genuine connection with you.



Branding is connection. We define the customers for your product or service perfectly. Knowing what they want and struggle against enables us to create a brand that speaks to them, stands out from others, and connects you to them.



We create your ultimate first impression.

With design that integrates color psychology

and seasonal personality theory, this process is collaborative and fun.

The results are a brand identity with a clear purpose and structure that beautifully communicates your story, connects you to the right audience, and fills you with energizing confidence to impact and ignite others.

Confidently share your brand, your passion, with the world.

This is a refreshingly different approach from larger firms and online courses.


It’s a true partnership, guidance, and collaboration in developing a brand that reflects

your best self rather than a DIY program that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.


Everything we create together will fill you with confidence and guide

how you approach all aspects of your business.


Your brand will tell your story, communicate your message, set you apart, and attract the right people.

How can I help you?

Solo Brand Clarity

If you’re not ready to make a larger investment, you may prefer to work through the critical and foundational Clarity Process independently.

The difference with this program is you’re not completely alone in your work. This option comes with two 60-minute calls with me during any portion of the program.


You’ll receive a printed Workbook, a Brand Clarity Journal, plus Brand & Web Design Resources.

Clarity, Strategy &  Design


You are guided through the Clarity Process 

with me via phone and zoom calls. We partner

and I gain a deep level of understanding of who you are and your vision.


You’ll receive a printed workbook and Brand Clarity Journal.


   Brand Identity Design + All Logo Files     

   Brand Guide Book +  Brand Style Guides
   Web Design Brief

   Web Design & Development (if applicable)

Coaching & Consulting

Are you unsure about where to begin?
Do you have questions about your start-up?

Do you need to rebrand?
Is your brand incongruent with who you’ve become? 

Is your brand perceived as you intended?


Or, maybe you have questions about my process.


Let’s talk and make an assessment. You may need a few hours of my time to help point you in the right direction.


Grab Your Free Gift

Finding Brand Clarity

This free guide will teach you why it’s so important to get abundantly clear about your brand before you begin designing, writing copy, or even naming your business.

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Grab Your Free Gift

Finding Brand Clarity Guide

This free guide will teach you why it’s so important to get abundantly clear about your brand before you begin designing or even writing copy.