Hi, I'm Sue Forrest

Brand Clarity, Strategy and Design for women in business.
I offer women passionate about their work and looking to make a difference in the world, the guidance & collaboration needed to form and grow their businesses.

You have a passion for making a difference.

You’re looking to change lives.

You want to influence and inspire.

I help bring clarity to your work so that together we can create your distinct and memorable brand.

Let’s talk about your brand!

Brand Clarity & Strategy

Creating a purpose-driven brand begins with YOU, what you care about, what you stand for, your beliefs, and your values.

Your brand comes to life when you have a crystal clear understanding of who you are, what makes you different and unique, what internal problem you solve, for whom you solve that problem, and the transformation you’re offering.

Brand clarity & strategy are foundational to a successful business. They allow you to create distinction, become memorable, and tap into what makes you different.

Where are you now? 

Is your business growing, but you still get clients that just aren’t the right fit?

Have you worked hard to handcraft a client experience, but your current brand doesn’t reflect this new process?

Maybe you have a vision of what you want to be known for, but this is not how your business is seen.

Or, you’re ready to turn your passion into your livelihood and need guidance.

If any of this sounds like you, it may be time to evaluate where you are and consider reaching the clarity you need for your exceptional brand or rebrand.

You know you have something of value to offer.Your vision is clear.

However, pulling it all together into a cohesive and attractive brand feels impossible. You know you need to define your brand, know your audience, identify the internal problem you solve, create clear, concise messaging, and establish a creative direction for your brand identity. You know that skipping this foundational clarity and strategy work can result in ineffective marketing. 

But it’s hard to do all of it on your own. That’s why a partnership is so helpful and necessary for small business owners.

I understand …

I can still remember when I started my business thinking: how could I possibly afford to pay someone to partner with and help me?

What I know for sure is this: you cannot afford not to hire help.

Things take longer on your own, and you continue to second-guess yourself when there is no one to collaborate with and bounce ideas off.

Our work together will give you the clarity necessary to create a brand strategy you can move forward with confidently. I will help you develop clear and concise messaging with a proven story framework. 


Clarity & Strategy are foundational to creating a distinct and memorable brand; one that attracts and engages your ideal client.

A few of our brand clarity partners:

Every woman deserves to have another woman who has her back. Here’s how we’ll work together…


We work through a deep discovery process…

to clarify your brand’s reason for being. We dig deep into your identity to uncover what kind of person you are and how that can be intertwined into your brand so people feel a genuine connection with you.


We help you understand your audience through and through.

Defining the customers for your product or service and what they want and struggle against enables us to create a brand that speaks to them, stands out from others, and connects you to them.


We create a brand identity

that will be instantly recognizable and communicates the right message to your ideal audience turning them into loyal superfans. You gain confidence in your brand. As a result, decisions feel more effortless, and you aren’t second-guessing your brand or comparing it to everyone else’s.

Effortlessly Share Your Brand (and Passion) with the World

With guidance and collaboration, you can develop a brand that fills you with confidence and reflects your best self. Everything we create together will guide how you approach all aspects of your business.

Together we create a strong foundation that acts as a guiding light for your brand.

Your brand will tell your story, communicate your message and attract the right people to you.

A brand created from deep clarity will lay the foundation for every aspect of your business, even beyond your visual identity.

Choose YourPlan

DIY Brand Clarity

Work through the Clarity Process SOLO, plus get two 60-minute calls with me during any portion of the process (within six weeks from purchase).


Receive a printed Workbook, a Brand Clarity Journal, and Brand and Web Design Resources.


 $525.00 US

Clarity, Strategy &  Design


You are guided through the Clarity Process 

with me via phone and zoom calls. We partner, and I gain a deep level of understanding of who you are.

Receive a printed workbook and Brand Clarity Journal.

   Brand Identity Design + All Logo Files     

   Brand Guide Book +  Brand Style Guide
   Web Design Brief

Timeframe: 6 Weeks

Investment: $3,750    

Coaching & Consulting

Are you unsure where to begin?

Do you need to rebrand? Is your brand incongruent with who you’ve become? 

Is your brand perceived as you intended?
You have questions . . .


Let’s talk and make an assessment.

You may need a few hours of my time to help sort things out and point you in the right direction.
Retainer packages are available.
Cost: $87.50 – $100/hr

Grab Your Free Gift

Finding Brand Clarity

This free guide will teach you why it’s so important to get abundantly clear about your brand before you begin designing, writing copy, or even naming your business.

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Grab Your Free Gift

Finding Brand Clarity Guide

This free guide will teach you why it’s so important to get abundantly clear about your brand before you begin designing or even writing copy.