Featured Brand Clarity & Design Project

Brand Brief

I’m thrilled to feature my latest brand clarity and design project with Wise Body Moves. Let me introduce you to Susan Silver…


Susan Silver is a human movement specialist. In addition to working one-on-one with hundreds of bodies, she’s studied human movement and physiology for over two decades. She started her work in fitness, where she quickly gravitated to working with more mature bodies because she found that her skills and approach benefitted these people the most.


As Susan and her business evolved, became more specialized, and focused on a niche audience, her brand and online presence no longer aligned with whom she had become and the experience she now offered her clients. It was time for a rebrand.

Brand Essence

The brand’s essence is confident, knowledgeable, and compassionate. There is a strong sense of responsibility and a gentle, supportive energy around Susan’s service. The brand feels calm, collected, attentive, intuitive, and understated. Overall it is organized and focused on customer experience — quality of service is essential.

Brand Voice

The brand voice is measured, refined and professional – while also conversational. It is informative and friendly.


The brand exudes a quiet confidence.

“I thought re-branding my business would be a series of straightforward tasks. But I got stuck while trying to do it myself, and I feel SO fortunate to have found Sue to get me to the finish line.”

The Brand's Color Palette

The brand’s essence:

Confidence | Knowledge | Compassion

The blue tones of PURPLE bring in a sense of relaxation, stability, and reliability, which alongside the energy of red, creates a feeling of wisdom and good sense. Purple is also associated with creativity and imagination.

Blues are seen as trustworthy, stable, and reliable. Blue also symbolizes wisdom and depth of understanding. The color evokes not only trust but honesty, loyalty and confidence, intelligence, and order.

Red, found in both purple and cranberry, has a range of meanings that include life, health, and vigor.

The seasonal personality of this brand is summer. It is balanced, symmetrical, and classic. Natural, cool, and iconic. Quiet, calm, and subdued.


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What Susan had to say…

Ten years into my bodywork practice, my focus shifted in a way that was no longer consistent with my business name and logo. I was serving an increasingly specific population and wanted to attract more of them. But reflecting on the change — while still retaining the “soul” of my service— was no easy task.
Sue is the expert I needed. She is a deep listener who truly wants to understand your vision and help you build the tools to bring it to life. Sue has a way of guiding you to points of clarity that make your next steps obvious. She helped sharpen my focus and collaborated with me to create a “look” that matches my evolved practice. Even though I have decent writing and marketing skills, I could not have re-branded my business without her! If you are starting something new or re-assessing your business or project, I highly recommend enlisting Sue as a partner. In a short period of time, she’s become the best support my business ever had.
Susan Silver
Wise Body Moves


You deserve a compelling brand with personality, one that gains

customer loyalty and a competitive edge.

Here’s how we’ll work together…



Your story is your superpower. It’s what unlocks possibility in others. So, before designing, I want to know and understand who you are. I want to uncover your brand’s reason for being, to dig deep into your identity to know what kind of person you are and how that can be intertwined into your brand, so people feel a genuine connection with you.



Branding is connection. We need to define the customers for your product or service perfectly. Knowing what they want and struggle against enables us to create a brand that speaks to them, stands out from others, and connects you to them. Clarity in your brand and especially who you serve will position you for more significant impact and influence. This is essential for an intentional brand.



We create your ultimate first impression. With design that integrates color psychology and seasonal personality theory, this process is collaborative and fun. The results are a brand identity with clear purpose and structure, one that beautifully communicates your story, connects you to the right audience, and fills you with energizing confidence to impact and ignite others.

There is nothing more exciting than a woman who is strong and confident in her conviction to share her gifts to influence and impact the lives of others.

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