Featured Brand Clarity & Design Project

Brand Brief

I am working on this project for Antico Elements, which has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. The brand’s warmth and style are simply stunning, and I feel honored to be collaborating with the visionary behind this company.

Antico Elements is a relatively new acquisition specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality faux stone and brick panels. These panels are a beautiful addition to interior and exterior projects purchased by consumers and contractors.

Brand Essence

The brand is sophisticated, artisan, and stylish – an understated style. The brand is of exceptional taste, and quality is key.

It is unpretentious, honest, and authentic. The brand has a slightly earthy, organic, warm, and welcoming feel.

Brand colors are warm and intense.

Brand Voice

The brand voice is measured, refined and professional – while also conversational. It is informative and friendly.


The brand exudes a quiet confidence.

The Brand's Color Palette

The brand’s essence:

Modern Rustic Italian Charm

The brand’s vision is inspired by the beauty of travel; the sights, sounds, and scents that delight our senses. The hills of small villages in Italy, especially Tuscany, serve as a significant source of inspiration.


The brand’s color palette features earthy tones that blend harmoniously, creating a beautiful combination that works wonders for the brand.


The green shades are associated with peace, harmony, nurturing, and light energy, creating a calming effect on the senses.


Brown, the color of the land, is associated with reliability and stability, making it a perfect choice for the brand’s color scheme.


Our cinnamon and biscotti’s warm yellow and orange shades evoke feelings of optimism, happiness, and friendliness. These intense, warm shades make a bold, confident statement reflecting the brand’s core values.

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Your story is your superpower.
It’s what unlocks possibility in others.
I want to know and understand who
you are. I want to uncover your brand’s
reason for being, to dig deep into your
identity to know what kind of person
you are and how that can be
intertwined into your brand so people
feel a genuine connection with you.

Girls holding hands and wearing pink tulle skirts



Branding is connection. We need to define the customers for your product or service perfectly. Knowing what they want and struggle against enables us to create a brand that speaks to them, stands out from others, and connects you to them. 

Inspiration Notebook with Pantone Swatch Books and Color Pencils



We create your ultimate first impression.
With design that integrates color psychology 
and seasonal personality theory, this process
is collaborative and fun.

The results are a brand identity with a clear purpose and structure that beautifully
communicates your story, connects you to the right audience, and fills your with
energizing confidence to impact and ignite others.

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