Brand Style

Your brand style should be something you are head over heels for. That’s because your brand design should reflect you, or at least the business you were passionate about bringing into existence. I have helped many small business owners style their brands in a way they love. Here are the tips I use as a brand designer to create distinct and memorable brands.


Incorporate Personality


Before diving into fonts, colors, and adjectives, dive into the personality you want your business to have. It might have aspects of your personality or your ideal customer’s personality. Even if you are the most corporate of businesses (although I bet you aren’t!), your brand can still have a personality. Think of the smartest, most professional person you know. They may also be uncannily charismatic and witty. Your business brand style can be just the same — as full of personality as you are.


Don’t Copy Others 


Don’t Confuse Inspiration with Plagiarism. 

The keyword in this article? Unique. Yet we’re all guilty of looking at other competing brands and thinking, “Maybe I should try that.” Of course, getting an idea of what your competition is doing and even being inspired by them is acceptable. But when it comes time to create your own individual brand, don’t go looking at other websites or Instagram feeds. This is a time when you need to forget about everyone else and focus on yourself and your brand. What makes your brand different? What is your brand’s particular style?


Develop Branding that Fits Your Unique Style 


Once you’ve discovered what makes you unique and have drawn a basic map of your brand personality, you can start developing the branding that is exclusively yours. What fonts work with your style? What colors? Are you looking for something moody and full of contrast or bright and minimalistic? Create a mood board and use the colors, textures, and other design aspects to style your brand perfectly.


Talking about this process makes me giddy, for sure. Brand styling is my area of focus. Follow along on Instagram to see some brand styling samples or visit the brand style page of my website!


If you’re struggling, I might suggest a free clarity and connection call. You can schedule that with me here.

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