“Comparison is the most readily available self-destruct button we have today.” Kristen Boss, Pivot to Purpose

Comparison does no one any good, and it can easily be a self-destruct button if we let it. However, depending on your frame of mind, it can be inspiring and even helpful. Let me explain …

Have you found yourself comparing what you do, how you do it, and your brand personality to others in your field? I think we all do it to some degree. I’m not sure we can entirely help it. I have found myself down an internet rabbit hole comparing my offering and approach to my work, more often than I care to admit.

Why do we do this to ourselves? It serves no purpose when it’s strictly from the standpoint of whether we’re good enough or doing it right. When this feeling or question is paramount in our minds, comparison is all we’re left with, and finding ourselves lacking is most likely where we end up.

What I know for sure is that when we’re fully aware and own who we are, our unique perspective, and what we bring to our business that’s of service to our clients, that’s when we can view those in the same space without letting it affect us, take us down, or make us question what we’re doing. We can simply be inspired! We are inspired to keep going, be the best we can be, and serve others well.

Comparison has a place in the life of your business.

Establishing the strengths and weaknesses of your business and your competition is critical. Knowing how you’re different from those in your field doing or offering a similar product or service is essential. This intel points to your uniqueness, your strength, and specialty. It also allows you to say “if they’re doing this, then I’ll do that”.

Seek answers by comparing but take it further. Look at it from a different perspective; it’s not what they are doing better; it’s how are you different and how do you genuinely want to do your work, offer your product, and engage with your clients. What is your truth?

Be careful while comparing, you may be compelled to play it safe and simply mimic your competition’s approach rather than standing firmly in your own confidence. This only gets you diving into a sea of sameness and noise where you’re not seen or heard.

In my field of brand clarity, there are a lot of online courses and YouTube videos for the masses to view. There are so many DIY programs with an exceptional process to follow. I know in my heart that I want to have a relationship with my clients and work one-on-one to guide them in brand clarity and strategy. This collaboration is what I know to be the best way to create a spectacular brand that attracts and engages. 

While watching what’s going on in your field is essential, determining your place in the market can only be done by studying the competition. We must get clear, crystal clear about our worth, our approach, and who we want to serve. Only when you have this type of clarity will you discover the confidence to be yourself and allow the comparison to become a competitive analysis that informs your brand strategy.

Let’s sum up comparison:

1 There are both positive and negative results when comparing.

2 Comparison can build us up or tear us down.

3 It can create a considerable roadblock that will stand in our way of moving forward for as long as we let it.

4 Comparison can reveal to us our difference, our uniqueness, how we’re gifted, what sets us apart, and how we stand out from the crowd.

5 And on a really dark side, comparison can also lead to self-conceit; considering ourselves better than others is unhealthy and prideful.

I know that when we’re fully confident in ourselves, we can observe others and see the inspiration for how we want to show up.

Trust who you are. Trust your voice. 

“Spend more time creating than consuming others’ content and energize yourself with inspiration rather than comparison. Focus on the value you can add to others’ lives, and you’ll be amazed at the growth you will experience.” Kristen Boss, Pivot to Purpose

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