Rebrand Two

A Rebranding Checklist

This post is the second part of our three-part series on Rebranding. Check out part one, Reasons to Rebrand, if you missed it.

In part one, we spoke of how important it is to be sure that Rebranding is for you and if this is the right time to begin a rebrand.

Our top reasons to rebrand 

1. Your brand no longer fits the products and services you currently offer.

2. Your brand is simply outdated.

3. You don’t love your original branding.

4. You’ve changed direction.

5. You want to take your business to another level.

6. You want to change people’s perceptions of the brand.

If any of these resonate with you, chances are that it’s time for a rebrand, but the question is, when should you get started?

Remember that there are many reasons not to rebrand — such as a large customer base who is loyal to you and loves your current brand, a strong reputation you don’t want to lose, and more.

Decide when to rebrand

Rebranding is a time-intensive project. Even if you’re hiring a brand expert for a rebrand, it requires your time for the discovery, revisions, and implementation process.

Choose a time in the year when work is slow. Consider scheduling time “off” so you don’t accidentally book work when your time is necessary on the rebrand.

Solidify your target audience

With a rebrand, you must gain clarity about who you’re talking to. Your audience might have shifted (which is easily one reason you need an updated brand). Identify your target audience, and remember, members of this audience, your ideal clients, should be a tangible thing, a person you know and understand. Consider their goals, dreams, fears, struggles, interests, and the things they’re passionate about. What do you think is holding them back the most in their lives? Identify what they want and give it to them. Or what problem they want fixed that you solve for them. 

Clarify your offering

Sometimes a rebrand is all about narrowing down your focus. Finalize which products or services are moving forward and which ones are not. Often, only 20% of your services make up 80% of your profits. Find that 20%, and you’re golden!

Consider your competition

Is your competition the same? Who are they? How are you different? How do you set yourself apart? How are they setting themselves apart? Where do you fit in so that you attract your ideal client and can easily engage with them? You want to find a different position, or you’ll be ignored whether rebranding or not.

Looking at what others in your market are doing can help you determine what is unique about your business, your offering, and your customer experience. 

This step is critical and should not be ignored for items easier to tackle on this list.

Update your mission statement

You can update your mission statement once you know who you’re talking to and your offers. Your mission statement should include the following:

    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • Who you serve
    • What is your niche
    • What transformation potential clients can expect
    • How do you do things differently from your competitors
Create new brand elements

New brand elements often consist of the following:

    • Color palette
    • Logo
    • Submark
    • Brand patterns
    • Font pairings

Remember brand photos too!

Update your materials

Digital materials

    • Website
      • Favicon
      • Header
      • Footer

    • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…)
      • Profiles
      • Pinterest pins
      • Images

    • Email footer
    • Email marketing
    • Word Templates
    • CRM
    • Invoices
    • Schedulers

Print materials

    • Business cards
    • Brochures
    • Calendars
    • Trade show displays

For name changes

    • Trademark office
    • State and federal offices for your LLC or otherwise
    • URL
    • Social media profiles
    • Tax files
    • Business Directories
Announce the launch

A rebrand is a perfect opportunity to build excitement around your business. Count down the launch, host a giveaway and create buzz around your upcoming launch.

    • Notify family and friends
    • Count down to the launch on social media
    • Send out email campaigns
    • Host a giveaway
    • Make the launch interactive

As I said, this is a big job and a time-consuming one. If you need expert advice or a few more hands on deck, I’d be happy to review your project and see where I might assist. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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