You are enough!

I recently read an article by one of my clients who coaches women around grief, mindfulness, and courage. The article was about how, at the time, she encountered so many young women who were struggling with considering themselves enough. The mantra she heard from these girls was, “I’m not enough” or “I’m not good enough.”


As a young woman, did you struggle with this concept of whether you were enough? Do you currently find yourself feeling like you’re not enough? Maybe it was the theme of your childhood.


In the business world, we refer to this as “imposter syndrome,” the idea that soon, very soon, everyone will find out I’m not who I say I am, and that I’m not enough.


I have struggled before with this, and if I’m honest, I still do. As a young girl and even a young woman, I never felt like I was enough: pretty enough, thin enough, good enough, smart enough, articulate enough, capable enough.


I can replay all of the scenarios around why I probably felt that way; I could lay blame at the feet of my parents for sure. Although, how would that change me? How would that move me forward, elevate me? Am I not solely responsible for how I present myself to the world, react to the world around me and literally show up every day? Of course, I am.


Who’s in control of my life? Who is in the driver’s seat? Well, that would certainly be me.


I have the choice to show up every day as enough, good enough, and more than enough.


And I do, most days.


We choose our reaction. And therein is our control, our growth, our love, our power, our being enough. Learning every day is how we’re enough. It’s not about acceptance and letting what is just be…it’s about becoming more each day, growing, expanding our minds, and sharing what life has taught us with others. We’re all enough at any given moment. Every day we’re blessed with being enough.


Every moment is new, different, and here to teach us something. Every time we stretch, learn, and grow, we become enough for the next moment gifted us.


Our life is a gift, and we’re enough when we accept the gift and live every moment to the fullest.


That is when all of us are enough!

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